El-Erian to Political Parties: Win Votes Then Discuss Power‏

El-Erian to Political Parties: Win Votes Then Discuss Power‏

The Freedom and Justic Party (FJP) held its first public conference at the province of Qaliubiya in Shubra Al-Kheima on Friday June 10, which was attended by more than 10 thousand people.

During the conference, Dr. Essam El-Erian, vice-president of  the (FJP) urged the different political parties competing in the next parliamentary elections to focus their attention on winning the votes and the trust of their  constituents instead of wasting their energy "fighting" about power sharing, since they’re not yet in power.

El Erian affiremd the Muslim Brotherhood will not seek to acquire a majority in the parliament alone, but rather to harvest 30 or 35% of the seats. "We are willing to form an alliance with the political forces that agree to our principles; whether they are socialists, liberals or other Islamic forces and all forces concerned about this homeland”, el-Erian explained.

El-Erian sent another message to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), saying: “We thank you for what you have already done, we give you some excuses for some of what happened. We blame you for certain acts and we hold you responsible for some of the violations that are contrary to human rights suffered by some individuals. Still, we believe that the most important thing for you to do now is to keep your pledge to transfer power to civilians, just as you did for the rest of your promises.”
He also said: “Our adversaries are those who have been conspiring against us for more than half a century, ranging from a corrupt royal ruling family, to officers who seized power by force, and corrupt party that spoiled everything in Egypt, stole and looted the nation’s wealth in collaboration. Our battle is with all these people.”

El-Erian said that the Egyptians are capable of achieving security, adding: “We know that the morale of police forces are down- which is similar to what happened to the armed forces after the defeat of June 1967- but our armed forces regained confidence quickly and we can rebuild the police force in similar fashion by cleaning up the security apparatus of those who are corrupt."

During the conference, the famous actor Wagdy Al- Arabi announced that he and his wife joined the Freedom and Justice Party, and said: “It is an honor for me and my wife to join this party.” el Arabi praised the role of young people from all political trends during the revolution, which succeeded by thr grace of God.