El-Fayoum Witnesses Tough Measures

El-Fayoum Witnesses Tough Measures
Fayoum window 
On the polling day of today’s run-offs, the police closed the polling centers of Bandar Saors and el-Kaby cities of el-Fayoum governorate at 8 am. In addition, policemen arrest the electorate who want to cast votes.
Furthermore, polling stations of the governorate witness heavy presence of armored vehicles and cop vans; a scene which terrorizes voters and makes them refrain from giving votes.
In the same connection, representatives’ proxies of the Moslem Brotherhood’s nominee in Yusseif el-Sedeq constituency are taken.
In addition, 26 supporters of the Brotherhood’s candidate along with a number of the monitors of the human right organizations were detained.
In Abshaw electoral district, dozens of Brotherhood’s members were taken into custody