El-Ganayni : Housing tax is Ghali’s levy on Egyptians.

El-Ganayni : Housing tax is Ghali’s levy on Egyptians.

 Zakareya El-Ganayni, member of the MB Parliamentary bloc, submitted an urgent request to the Prime Minister regarding the daily suffering of Egyptians since the introduction of the housing tax law.


Dr. Alaa Samaha, advisor of the Minister of Finance, stressed, in a press release, that the Ministry has not yet decided whether to extend the deadline of receiving the housing tax postponing its decision until the end of the specified deadline on 31 December 2009. He urged citizens to submit their admissions before the deadline for the ministry to make its decision.


He warned citizens of being exposed to a fine ranging between 200 to 2000 Egyptian pounds if they did not submit their forms, stressing that 25% of the tax revenues would go to municipalities and development projects.


The MP stressed in a statement to “theparliament.com” that he believed the reason behind the government’s insistence on the application of this law is because of the deficit in budget due to the failed efforts of the government’s policies.


He described the new law on housing tax as a levy which will exhaust the underprivileged citizens’ budgets.