El-Ketatny: We Seek to Introduce an Amendment to the Constitutional Article 76

El-Ketatny: We Seek to Introduce an Amendment to Article 76 of the Constitutional

Muhammad el-Ketany, the president of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Block in the parliament underlined the importance of coordination between the MB’s block and the representatives of the National Front for Change in the parliament.
He explained that the MB is a part of the Front. Accordingly the MB is ready to bring up issues of mutual concern such as economic and political reform, combating corruption …etc. 
” The MB’s program of reform is overt. The MB block will introduce it to the parliament,” El-Ketatny told Al-Jazzera Channel. He added that the National Democratic Party failed in solving the Egyptians’ problems over 30 years. Moreover, it is a main source of most of these problems.
“The Egyptians gave their seal of approval to the MB and its forums due to the concern and the interest, the MB’s parliamentary members in the last parliament shown to people’s problems ” el-Ketany commented on a question about the government intention to dissolve the ongoing parliament.
As for the vote irregularities that marred the parliamentary polls and the detentions of our Brothers, El-Ketatny remarked that the Brotherhood has the constitutional right to run for election. He added that the block did not table any questions regarding our detainees because they hope the government would willingly release them.
El-Ketatny rejected the claims that the MB’s representatives will repeat the same performance of the outgoing parliament where it was restricted to protest over certain movies, songs, or books. He indicated that the MB’s remarkable role in the parliament was appreciated. He termed these claims as media war that aims to underestimate the presence of the Brotherhood in the parliament.
The MB’s block seeks to introduce an amendment to Article 76 of the Constitution in order to remove the obstacles put before those who will be contesting the presidential election.
“Conditions vary from one country to another. Egypt and the MB have distinctive status,” el-Ketatny clarified when asked about the likelihood that Egypt would experience the same circumstances of Algeria, when the MB comes to power.