El-Menia, Christians Support the Muslim Brotherhood

The competition in the parliamentary election increases in el-Menia governorate, of Upper Egypt. While the popular support for the Muslim Brotherhood candidates grows, the security measures increase, as well. 

In an indication of the national unity, Samir Shafeeq Yussef, a leading Christian figure in the governorate, announced, in a poster, his back for the Muslim Brotherhood nominee, Dr. Muhammad el-Ktatiny.

In anther district, it is said that Gamal Abdel Hafeez, a prominent Brigadier, ordered, in threatening way, the leaders of Bany Mazar district to provoke problems with the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood nominee, Musa Khanoum, in order to provide a chance to arrest them.

In relative development, a supporter of the independent candidate, Saed Ali Omar, said that the General Manger of the State Security in the government promised to have run-off election, if the Muslim Brotherhood nominee wins.

On the other hand, rumors surface about an innovative fraud, the circulated vote. It is said that some candidates of the National Democratic Party along with independents study how to apply this new infringement.  Instead of cashing one”s vote in the polling box, one will put a plain paper and retain one”s vote to hand it out side the polling station in return for 50 pounds. Accordingly, the vote is marked and is put in the polling box and another vote is brought and so on…

On the other side, Musa Khanoum, the Muslim Brotherhood nominee in Bany Mazar district, addressed the residents remarking the celebration of Eed el-Fater (Breakfast Festival). He said that reform needs strong well and profound confidence in Allah. He urged them to elect, on Nov.9th, the well-qualified candidates.