El-Prince: Muslim Brotherhood is Committed to Peaceful Action, Respects Opponents

El-Prince: Muslim Brotherhood is Committed to Peaceful Action, Respects Opponents

Dr. Hassan El-Prince, member of parliament for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), has criticized the incident in which assailants tore off the clothes of MP Hamdi Al-Fakharani in front of the Administrative Court building.

Meanwhile, El-Prince rejected accusations made by Al-Fakharani against the FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming they were behind the assault.

"This accusation is a groundless calumny. We are a group that enjoins virtue, and teaches its members value morals; and all our actions and approaches are peaceful."

El-Prince affirmed that the FJP believes in peaceful political competition, and respects and appreciates those who disagree with it, because free competition pushes each party to improve itself.

El-Prince further announced that he is ‘legally sympathetic’ to Hamdi Al-Fakharani and all politicians who were victims of any assaults or attacks, adding that he will stand with him in court, in order to apply the principles of truth: this the beginning of building a modern state where respect prevails among political forces.

Moreover, El-Prince, who is a doctor by profession, said that if he signed a medical examination of Al-Fakharani, he would explain that the clothes had been torn by a professional person, as the torn clothing is not accompanied by any injuries or bruises. Forensic medicine, meanwhile, stipulates that there be injury.

El-Prince called on Al-Fakharani to offer evidence before accusing any person or political movement of assaults and attacks.

"It is wrong to describe any person who carries a banner in support of Dr. Morsi as a member of the FJP."

Furthermore, El-Prince pointed that citizens were shot dead in Tahrir and other liberty squares, but until now no one knows who killed them. "There is indeed a state within the state, seeking to sow strife and disunity amongst citizens and political forces.