El Shaer Warnes Against the Spread of AIDS in Egyptian Prisons.

Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarian, Akram El-Shaer, the Deputy of Health Committee, warned against the spread of AIDS in the Egyptian prisons. In his urgent account, lodged to both Interior and Health ministers, el-Share said an inmate of Port Said Prison died on Jun, 18th, after being hospitalized on Jun, 16th. suffering from high temperature, inflammation in his neck, and severe emaciation.

According to the final medical report, the prisoner died because of AIDS. ’How does such disease appear in the jail?’ The Brotherhood’s MP wondered. He clarified that the prisoner was jailed on May, 14, 2004 and if the convict was HIV carrier, how has not the disease been detected despite of medical tests supposedly done before being admitted to the jail? Thus, this incident uncovered the grave negligence in prisons.

Besides, the Brotherhood’s legislative questioned the real number of HIV infected convicts in the Egyptian jails and if this case is rare or there are other undeclared infections! He, in addition, asked about the preventative measures taken by the Interior Ministry to protect inmates from this fatal disease. Moreover, he inquired if the Interior Minister has knowledge about this incident or not!

The account added that the dead prisoner has suffered from tuberculosis (TB), six months ahead of passing away. Nevertheless, the prison management did not take any measure either of treatment or of isolation; a fact that reflects the absence of medical care for prisoners. It, furthermore, implies the spread of epidemics inside jails. In conclusion, el-share requested the Interior Ministry to answer all his questions.