El-Sharqia: Circulated Ballots Reappear

El-Sharqia: Circulated Ballots Reappear

In el-Sharqia governorate, a Brotherhood stronghold, the so-called
circulated ballot, that is a marked ballot given to a voter to be cast
to bring the blank one out and so on, reappears in the third round of
polls. It is already used in the first constituency.

In Mashtol constituency, the beginning of vote was delayed till the
of the charged monitoring judges.

In el-Sofia village, 4000 repeatedly recorded names were found in the
electoral registers, in addition.

Surprisingly, the supervisory judge presided over polling station
discovered that its electoral registers are incorrect. Accordingly,
process is halted, waiting for the correct records to arrive.

Moreover, an independent nominee incited his voters not to dip their
figures in the phosphoric ink, so they can re-give ballot.