El-Shater’s health situation has left many concerned after his transfer to Kasr el- Ain hospital.

El-Shater’s health situation has left many concerned after his transfer to Kasr el- Ain hospital.

The Cessation court has decided to postpone the appeals filed by Eng. Khayrat el-Shater and his companions to November 17 when it is expected that a verdict will be delivered. The detainees have had numerous sessions and hearings where lawyers addressed the court highlighting the great injustices which have faced the innocent detainees.


Injustices included the actual referral of citizens to a military tribunal, confiscating of possessions, closing down of businesses which have resulted in the unemployment of many people, hosts of fabricated accusations and harsh sentences to all detainees which have ranged from 3-10 years.


Khayrat el-Shater and his companions had decided to contest the unfair sentences which have clearly affected their families and on a personal level their health. Last week el-Shater was reported to have had a heart attack where he was transferred to the Kasr el-Ain Hospital for tests, cat scans, echo, and overall checkup. Unsurprisingly the unjust detention has affected his health and has caused great concern for all.


The MB defense lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud has commented that the arrests, detentions and sentences are all a violation of the constitutions’ article no. 43. “It is without doubt that the military’s sentencing has practiced the contradictory law of innocent till proven guilty; where sentences were served without any actual convicting documents or evidences to support the accusations”.


The appeals come at a critical time coinciding with the elections of The Muslim Brotherhood‘s next chairman after Mohamed Mahdy Akef steps down. It is expected within the ranks that el- Shater seems to be an appropriate candidate where he enjoys an excellent reputation among all those who surround him.

His charismatic existence, level-headed and moderate views which have served in the so-called dialogue between the movement and the regime are notable making him a popular choice for the up-coming movement’s elections.