El Shater Transferred to a Prison Hospital Amidst Family Worries

El Shater Transferred to a Prison Hospital Amidst Family Worries

Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat El Shater was transported to Loman prison hospital Wednesday afternoon despite his family”s worry about his health condition.

El Shater has undergone a successful heart operation on Monday in the downtown Kasr El Eini hospital, where he enjoyed a relatively good medical care, hid Daughter Zahraa told Ikhwanweb. However, when he woke up today his temperature was high and he could hardly walk.

Doctors recommended that he should not move from the hospital until his health improves, but State Security officers who accompany him in the hospital insisted that he should leave regardless of his condition.

Zahraa and her mother complained that the prison hospital is very poorly equipped and can even worsen the condition of patients. Moreover, family visits there are very restricted.

“I am very saddened by how the SSI deal with my father, who is a political prisoner and should receive better treatment,” Zahraa said to Ikhwanweb.

“He hardly recovered from his operation, his temperature is high, besides his blood pressure and diabetes. It is a shame that they cannot even allow him to stay for an extra one day until his temperature is normal.”

El Shater is the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has been sentenced to seven years in jail after a controversial military tribunal which was condemned by world rights groups. The charges filed against him were dismissed four times by ordinary civil courts which described the charges (money laundering and financing an outlawed group) as “politically motivated and groundless” , but President Mubarak ordered him referred to a military tribunal in February 2007 amidst anger of Egyptian opposition, of which the MB constitutes the majority.