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  • November 2, 2005
  • 3 minutes read

El-Shazly: the MB has a Significant Weight

El-Shazly: the MB has a Significant Weight

El-Shazly: the MB has a Significant Weight
Ikhwan online

Kamal el-Shazly, the Minister of the People Assembly and the Undersectary of the National Democratic Party, said that the Moslem Brotherhood has remarkable presence in the political sphere. They are able to put their ideas across to the society.

Kamal’s statements answered a question about the reason behind the change in the government’s attitude toward the MB. For it is unprecedented to the Moslem Brotherhood’s candidates to enjoy such freedom and to escape certain tough measures.

Both the English Life and the Egyptian el-Misery el-Yoam newspapers quoted el-Shazly as saying" conditions have changed. Therefore, it is not suitable to keep the same approach toward the Moslem Brotherhood."      "The ruling party adopts a developing policy. The government gets aware of the changing situation. It realized the popular weight of the MB which wants to take part in the political action. We do not object. Nevertheless, it is not possible for them to launch a party. For religious-oriented political parties are banned by virtue of the provisions of the constitution. If they do so, the Christian will demand to form a party; in such case the Egyptian national unity is being threatened.

El-Shazly expected that the Moslem Brotherhood will win a number of parliament seats more than they have won in the last parliamentary election. He stressed that ’the NDP does not plan to have the majority of seats n the parliament.’ He, moreover, foresaw that the NDP will win two thirds of the parliament seats; the required number to pass laws and constitutional amendments. Accordingly, it will secure a continuous political reform, a main item of Mubark’s electoral program.

El-Shazly added that ’ the best period of the political performance of the Egyptian parliament, for me, was 1984 and 1997. For the opposition, including the Moslem Brotherhood, has been represented on large scale in the parliament.