ElBaradei, MB and Opposition Vow No More Khaled Saeeds

ElBaradei, MB and Opposition Vow No More Khaled Saeeds

In a historical union delegates from all political opposition forces met in the Egyptian governorate of Minya. Differences in ideology were set aside as forces from the Muslim Brotherhood, the NAC, Wafd and the Democratic Front Party met with the public after a formal invitation was issued by former Ambassador, Sayed Kassem.

Re-emerging onto the political arena was former IAEA chief, Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei, who promised one and all that high tide has come and there will be change. Baradei noted that all the opposition trends are ready and prepared to unite in their call, reiterating demands for political reform through peaceful methods.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Saad Ketatni from the MB, Ossama Ghazali from the DFP, and Sheik Mohamed Salah from the Wafd Party
El-Baradei asserted that the National Assembly for Change has been able to collect one million signatures so far in a petition the the MB had joined in after it was also launched on the MB official website calling for constitutional amendments and political reform. He added that together political forces are aiming at collecting 5 million signatures calling for change and re-instating the days where citizens were the source of power.

ElBaradei sent a special greeting to the mother of the well-known victim Khaled Saeed from Alexandria who attended the gathering where he vowed that together he and political forces would unite in the face of injustice and tyranny. ElBaradei promised  that there would never again be another Khaled Saeed stressing that Egypt has seen too many victims under the arbitrary system who were abused by personnel who unjustly and incorrectly imposed the dreaded ‘emergency law’.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, a member of the MB’s executive Bureau, confirmed that as always the MB are reaching out to all national forces to work together in the upcoming period. He welcomed El-Baradei’s re-emergence onto the political scene and the Egyptian national struggle, adding that all were prepared to work as one political force for the good of the people and Egypt and to restore the freedom which has been stolen.

Ketatni highlighted that the MB has never promoted violence and tolerates change only through peaceful methods, adding that the MB advocates a civil state governed by Islamic references.

Ossama Harb agreed, adding that political forces were adamant in their desire to work together coherently to achieve a democratic system.