ElBaradei accuses government of smearing campaign

ElBaradei accuses  government of smearing campaign

 AFP writes that former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei accused the ruling regime of posting pictures on the social networking website Facebook, of his daughter dressed in a swimsuit and at an event in which alcohol was served, in an attempt to discredit him.


In a statement to Egypt ‘s Aldostour paper ElBaradei described the action as normal and a usual response:

“Such a campaign is the usual and only response of the regime towards whoever demands democracy, which is the only way for freedom and economic reform and social justice,


National Democratic Party spokesman Ali Eldin Helal however argued that the publication of the pictures was dishonourable and the Party deplored such actions adding that political disputes would never turn into personal attacks. He added that it was not part of the Egyptian culture which highlights the significance of family privacy.


 The Nobel Peace Prize laureate emphasized that using the photos to portray him and his family as nonbelievers was a politically damaging accusation in an increasingly conservative Muslim country stressing that the government is “waging a campaign of sheer lies.


Associated press reported in a statement by the could be candidate:


“This just shows how desperate the forces against change have become by resorting to a smear campaign based on lies and fabrication.


Senior Muslim Brotherhood officials remarked that the group was not interested in ElBaradei’s personal life.


Media spokesman and member of the MB executive bureau Dr. Essam ElErian asserted that the group does not support a person in particular but it does agree on demands called by ElBaradei for political reform and peaceful constitutional amendments. The two opposition groups have worked collectively launching a petition to secure signatures calling for change acquiring close to 700, 000 signatures.


We are part of a coalition that has people from different streams, including liberals,”

“Of course they will have their own agenda and lives,” he said. “Our priority is reform.”


The NDP Party denied the regime was linked to the issue calling it “character assassination.


“I think this is a very grave mistake, violating the privacy of others,” said spokesman Ali Eddin Helal.