ElBaradei blames Al Dostor for translation errors of his statements about MB

ElBaradei blames Al Dostor for translation errors of his statements about MB

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, leader of the National Front for Change and former IAEA chief denied allegations published by the Egyptian ‘Dostor’ newspaper, citing the ‘Paris Match‘ French, magazine regarding an interview with El-Baradei and statements about the Muslim Brotherhood. According to the French magazine ElBaradei had told the magazine that he persuaded the group to work for justice, democracy and a secular state, away from religious suppression on the public. 

ElBaradei argued that he did not make any of these claims and attributed the error to translation. He confirmed that he had in fact contacted the Dostor paper to correct the misunderstanding.  He asserted that his meeting with the MB delegation and Dr. Saad Katatni was amiable and in fact the MB had called for a civil state with an Islamic law reference. He denied allegations by the paper that he had convinced the group to withdraw their call for an Islamic reference for the state.

ElBaradei maintained that he highly respected the MB and  described the group as the main political opposition force in Egypt , despite the limitations imposed upon them where they were able to harvest 20% of the seats in parliament. He paid tribute to their continued efforts  in addition to their constant caring for a large number of underprivileged people, and also helping in education and services for the mosques.

The Noble peace prize laureate emphasized that  he was  convinced that the secular state was  the way to achieve social justice and democracy and supported the MB call for political reform, constitutional amendment and the annulling of the ’emergency law’ which is expected to be decided before May 31st.    

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