Election Monitors Report Widespread Fraud

Election Monitors Report Widespread Fraud

During Egypt’s intense parliamentary elections, Egyptian NGOs monitoring the polls were targeted as they faced widespread difficulties and personal risk, attempting to document rigging, fraud and reports on voting.

In the run-up to the polls most monitoring organizations were unable to secure the necessary permits to access polling stations. In fact only 10% of requests were accepted by the NGOs. Furthermore, permitted observers were denied access to polling stations, where they faced arbitrary arrests, or physical abuse.

Most violations included election observers being excluded from polls, violence between police and voters or between rival candidates, the exclusion of candidates’ agents and proxies from polls, and vote buying.

Multiple reports on election day outlining violence and fraud were issued by the Egyptian Association for Supporting Democratic Development (EASD) and the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE). 

All EASD observers denied access to polling stations in the Abo Kebeer district of Al-Sharkia governorate.

Other violations included:

·         Expelling EASD observers from polling stations

·         Intimidating voters

·         Vote-buying (rotating balloting paper or bribes)

·         Blocking the roads leading to polling stations by the police

·         Ballot fraud

·         Stealing or damaging ballot boxes

·         Closing polling stations for some time during the day or before 07:00 PM

·         Expelling candidates’ agents from polling stations

·         Acts of violence

·         Failing to open polling stations

·         Group Voting