Elections Information Center Opens for Dr. Morsi Presidential Campaign

Elections Information Center Opens for Dr. Morsi Presidential Campaign

Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s presidential election campaign, Tuesday night, inaugurates its main media and information center to follow up and cover the presidential elections.

The center has been outfitted with administrative and technical resources to receive reporters of newspapers, news agencies, radio and TV stations, and to facilitate their work.

The information center offers three press briefings every day, starting at ten in the morning, with the second at two in the afternoon, and the third at six o’clock in the evening.

The center also holds a press conference at eight in the evening. This will take place on all election days.

This main center is linked to other information centers in all governorates of Egypt.

Campaign Media Center Headquarters: 38 Mansour Street – behind the Ministry of Interior in central Cairo.

The Media Center website on the internet is the same site of Dr. Mohamed Morsi campaign (drmorsy2012.com – Arabic only).

To communicate with the media offices of Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s official presidential campaign:

Hotline: 19538

Public Relations: 01021531414

Media Centre: 01021531616 – 01110473330 – 01010220088

Dr. Morsi’s Personal Page on Facebook:
Freedom & Justice Party Facebook Page: