Electoral Infringements in the Northern Cairo Districts

Electoral Infringements in the Northern Cairo Districts

The electoral districts, in which the Moslem Brotherhood has nominees, witnessed ample of contraventions, which were committed by the National Democratic Party, some of them are ministers.


In the poll no.23, the electoral number of the Moslem Brotherhood’s nominee, Muhammad Mansor, was changed from 10 to 9. This change confused the voters. No other candidate was subject to such violation.

In the voting stations no. 9, 26, 35, 40, and 44, of Helwan district, the voting was delayed for four hours. Getting bored, the voters left. This halt poses a question about its legality, especially in the poll no.24 in which the NDP nominee is the Minister of Military Production, Saed Meshal, who contests the Moslem Brotherhood candidate, el-Muhammady Abdel Maqsud.

The unlawful collective registering was an outstanding feature in these districts. Thousands of labors were previously recorded in these districts in order to vote for the NDP nominee, the minister. Many buses moved labors to polls to elect the NDP candidate.     

In addition, there were other buses to transfer women and young men to electoral commissions to cast vote for the favor of the NDP candidate.  

Vote buying prevailed in these districts. The agents of the NDP nominees gave money to voters that amounted to 20 pounds, to select the ndp candidate.