Electricity blackouts put lives of Palestinian patients in Gaza at extreme risk

Electricity blackouts put lives of Palestinian patients in Gaza at extreme risk

The Palestinian ministry of health (MOH) has warned Monday that the continued electricity brownouts for long intervals and on daily basis in Gaza Strip could jeopardize lives of hundreds of Palestinian patients in hospitals.

According to the ministry officials, the frequent shortage and blackouts of electricity derails functions of medical equipments like dialysis machines in local hospitals that put lives of kidney patients at risk.

The ministry added that although it supplied the Naser medical complex in Khan Younis city with two new generators, fuel to run those generators is hard to maintain, thus jeopardizing lives of patients every time a sudden blackout occurs.

It added that the short interval between the blackout and starting the generators is critical as many kidney patients could die if swift action isn’t taken by the doctors once the electricity supply failed.

80 Palestinian patients are given dialyses sessions three times a week in the complex alone. Many of the patients said that they could go for proper treatment abroad but the closure of crossings.

“I was almost dying when the electricity current failed as the dialysis machine that was connected to me stopped leading to blood thrombosis in the pipes pumping the blood in and out of my body that made me faint for a while before doctors rescued me”, asserted Saleema Al-Agha, one of the kidney patients in the complex.

Doctors in the hospitals underscored that blood thrombosis was the most serious problem they fear in the event a blackout occurs.  

The Gaza Strip had been under unjust Israeli siege for more than four years now that led to the death of hundreds of Palestinian patients, most of them women and children.