Electronic Day against IOF’s blockade of Gaza March 9

Electronic Day against IOF’s blockade of Gaza March 9

Tuesday, March 9 activists will demonstrate Arab Unity and support with the resilience of the Palestinian Gazans by changing their profile photo. The group will be celebrating the steadfastness of the Gazan people where they have been under economic and political blockade  entering its 1000th day without bowing to the U.S.-Israeli domination.


Egyptian bloggers and activists regard March  9, as an “electronic day” against the siege revealing the Palestinian steadfastness and highlighting  that those who struggle to regain their right inevitably will attain it even if it takes a long time.


The Internet activists vowed to celebrate Gaza’s resilience and steadfastness through the electronic websites’ Blogs Twitter and Facebook to be a blogging day in which they refuse to whitewash the siege of Gaza and lift harsh and humiliating conditions of Gazans have been trapped for 1000 days.


Activists also launched a new group presenting the history of the Israeli siege over the Gaza Strip over the past 1000 days displaying many audio and/ video clips covering  the Palestinian tragedy especially during the recent Israeli war on Gaza last year.


The group called itself “One Thousand Days… GAZA under Siege,” the number of participants who have reached more than 4000, stressed that Gaza and the West Bank are two areas under the one Palestinian State. They celebrate the steadfastness of the people of Gaza and will not forget the Israeli’s attempts at Judaizing Al-Aqsa Mosque.


The group’s link on Facebook is