Eliminating Piracy Begins With Building Somalia

Eliminating Piracy Begins With Building Somalia

Dr. Gehad Uoda (professor of Political Sciences at the University of Helwan) stressed in his statements to Ikhwanweb that piracy problem in the “Horn of Africa” should be solved via building Somalia and its institutions to enable it enforce laws and enjoy sovereignty.

He stated that the countries adjacent to Somalia and Aden Gulf have the right to interfere with military forces to defend their ships that are more likely to be freebooted.

However, he said that those countries with military bases near the Horn of Africa region, such as America and France, are not entitled to interfere militarily to end piracy unless under a UN decision.

He called on the Red Sea and Indian Ocean countries to form a military force that would limit pirates and abort their powers inside the vital Horn of Africa.

Piracy extended along the Somali water borders since the collapse of Somalia in 1991 after the ousting of President Mohamed Siad Barre at the hands of the war leaders, and excessively aggravated during last few months.

Chatham House research center warned in a report it released last month against the increase of pirate operations in Aden Gulf that might drastically lead to a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe in the Horn of Africa and stop global commercial trips via Suez Canal.