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  • October 5, 2009
  • 2 minutes read

Elimination of 12 prestigious candidates from Banha elections.

Elimination of 12 prestigious candidates from Banha elections.

For the first time in the history of the University Staff Club’s elections in Banha, State security has interfered issuing orders to eliminate 12 candidates on the nominees’ list. The elections are scheduled to be held November 2, 2009. These measures were similar to those taken during the elections of the Universities student council under  security implementations.

The 12 candidates all of which hold distinguished and notable positions who were eliminated include:

Dr Tawheed Mawafy

Dr Magdy Kharoub

Dr Adel Falah

Dr Alsayed Abdul Maqsoud

Dr Fatima Abdul Salam

Dr Ahmed Abdul Khalek

Dr Ossama Abdul Wahab

Dr Mohamed Ramadan

Dr Khaled Bakry

Dr Samir Sharkawy

Dr Tarek Fouda

Dr Gamal Sarhan

A decision was made to hold a press conference this coming Wednesday October 7 in an attempt to make public the interference of State security. In a statement to Ikhwanonline Dr Magdy Kharoub asserted that “The interference was a bold statement by security to dictate the names of the candidates on the nomination’s list which were handpicked and weren’t even part of the University’s staff.” Kharoub continued that these measures will be challenged through legal channels”.