Ennahda Movement Hosts FJP Women Delegation in Tunisia

Ennahda Movement Hosts FJP Women Delegation in Tunisia

 Rashid Ghanoushi, Chairman of the Tunisian Islamist Ennahda movement, received Eng. Kamelia Helmy, a member of the Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP) Executive Bureau and Head of the International Islamic Women’s Committee and Sayeda Mahmoud Secretary General o the FJP’s women’s committee in South Cairo and Head researcher for the International  Islamic Women’s Committee.

During their 5 day visit which ran from January 8-13, the FJP delegation met with female members from the Ennahda Movement. The Tunisian hosts were head by Monia Ben Ibrahim a member of the movement’s Executive Bureau and the Tunisian Constituent Assembly and the head of the Women and Family Committee in the movement.
The group also met with Dr. Habib Al-Lawz, one of the movement’s founders who stressed that it was significant ties between Egypt and Tunisia be strengthened. He stated: "There are many circumstantial similarities between the two countries and it is necessary we benefit from each other’s knowledge especially following the revolutions experienced by the two."

The FJP women delegation also met with other Ennahda female leaders including Ibtehal Abdul Latif, leading member of the movement’s Women and Family’s Division, to arrange a number of lectures and training courses to be given to  a number of the women’s associations in  Tunisia, in a bid to enhance and encourage  the Tunisian women to reach their full potential following  the revolution.

Other issues addressed included challenges faced by women and children during the current period in the social, political, and educational fields where the Tunisian identity was lost to westernizing during the former Tunisian regime’s rule. 

During their meetings, they reviewed methods to restore the Islamic identity into the family unit as chartered by the International Islamic Committee for Women and Children’s Islamic Council for Da’wa (Islamic Outreach) and Relief, prepared by a group of Islamic scholars. With these drafted tools in hand it is expected that problems faced by many families will be overcome paving the way for the amendment of legislative laws concerning the family and personal status.

Ending their visit they met with Dr. Abdullah Al-Waseef, former President of the Zeitouna University in Tunis renowned for his historical contributions in the study of Islamic and Humanitarian fields.