• October 26, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

Ennahdha Announces Victory, Pledges to Cooperate With all Parties

Ennahdha Announces Victory, Pledges to Cooperate With all Parties
Statement from Ennahdha Party About Results of Tunisian Elections

Ennahdha party has gained over 40% of seats in the national constituent assembly. With the trust given in these historic elections; Ennahdha is no longer only the property of its members, nor just its supporters, nor even only its voters, but the Tunisian people as a whole.

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We are pleased to see that the political climate has left behind the tension that was naturally part of the election campaign, and we are pleased to hear mature and responsible stances from political leaders. We certainly need to learn new democratic principles, including the fact that the opposition has an important role to play.

We stress once again that we wish to cooperate with all parties without any exclusion. We are open to all political parties inside the assembly and outside it, as well as civil society bodies such as the great Tunisian trade union and other unions.

We are in talks in order to form alliances based on a shared economic, social and political programme.

We value the rich skills inside the Tunisian administration and its competent civil servants who must be part of the new phase in which Tunisia needs all its daughters and sons.

We are not coming to participate in government on tanks through a coup, but based on the legitimacy of these historic elections; hence we stress the continuity of the Tunisian state and our commitment to all accords ratified by it.

We believe in the right, or rather duty of national capital to contribute to development and the creation of jobs and wealth, and wish to reassure markets and all international economic partners.

Tunisians have suffered for long under dictatorship, now they have the opportunity to sqvour the taste of freedom. The new Tunisia will be free of repression and exclusion and will be open to all its daughters and sons.