• July 2, 2013
  • 2 minutes read

Ennahdha Party Statement on Events in Egypt

Ennahdha Party Statement on Events in Egypt

This tension and deadlock has led to violent incidents resulting in numerous victims and the burning of the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

 Ennahdha Party stresses the following:

1. Egypt remains the heart of the ummah, and the Arab revolutions which started from Tunisia became a spring following the victory of the glorious Egyptian revolution.

2. There is no alternative to dialogue between Egyptians, those in power and those in the opposition, within the framework of respect for democratic legitimacy, in order to overcome the conflicts, tensions and divisions which threaten the entire state and the unity of the nation and the people.

3. The necessity of remaining committed to national unity as the sole way to defeat the wishes of the enemies of the revolution and the nation.

Ennahdha Party
Rached Ghannouchi