EOHR calls for the immediate release of the 15 MB detainees

EOHR calls for the immediate release of the 15 MB detainees

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) is deeply concerned with the arrest of top leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood group on Monday 8/2/10. The Security Services did not justify their actions- until the time of writing this report- and this clearly violates the right to freedom and personal security guaranteed under the Constitution and international conventions on human rights.

The arrested ones included three people from Alexandria city, 3 from Sharqeya, two from Giza governorate, two from Asiut, two from Cairo and Gharbeya and three from the Guidance Bureau and those are; Mahmoud Ezzat, Brotherhood Deputy Chairman, Dr. Essam Elarian and Dr. Abdel Rahman Elberr, senior officials from the Guidance office.

For his part, Hafez Abu Seada, Secretary-General of EOHR expressed his hope in the immediate release of the MB detainees and all other political detainees as well as lifting the State of Emergency which is incompatible with the reform movements and going back to the Constitution and law.

He asserted that the State of Emergency is the legitimate tool to violate the right in peaceful gathering, freedom, personal security and other rights guaranteed in the Egyptian Constitution and international conventions on human rights.

Abu Seada called the Egyptian authorities to abide by its obligations regarding the political and constitutional reforms and its obligations to the international human rights conventions which it ratified.

He also called for the need to merge the different political powers in the Egyptian society and to participate in the political process, giving the freedom to form political parties despite its ideological backgrounds and giving it the freedom to be present on the political arena.

Further, Abu Seada stressed on the importance of having the all political parties to bide by the constitution, respect law and work on getting integrated through the formation of a legal party.

EOHR had launched in 2003 its campaign for lifting the State of Emergency entitled (Together to Stop the Application of the Emergency Law) and the immediate release of all detainees and to being the ones proved to be guilty to the natural judiciary which constitutionally guarantees fair and just trial.