EQA: The Israeli siege destroyed Gaza’s natural resources

EQA: The Israeli siege destroyed Gaza’s natural resources

The environmental quality authority (EQA) in Gaza warned on Sunday that the Israeli siege and practices contributed in the destruction of the natural resources which are already limited in the Strip, adding that if the siege was not lifted, its negative impacts on the overall elements of the environment would be disastrous and untreatable.

In a press statement received by the PIC, the EQA underlined that the Israeli siege affected all aspects of life in Gaza including all inanimate and animate components of the environment. 

The EQA explained that the siege led to the disruption and the complete collapse of many vital service sectors in Gaza for long periods of time especially the sector of solid waste collection which was disrupted more than once for many reasons including the lack of fuel and spare parts for the trucks which transport waste away as well as the frequent strikes by workers of this sector in all Gaza municipalities because of not receiving their salaries.

The EQA added that the breakdown of pumps and treatment plants led to the flooding of waste water collection systems in different parts of Gaza especially Jabalia which in turn contaminated large areas with waste water.

The EQA pointed out that although statistics and figures are not yet available at this time about the size of this pollution impact on soil and groundwater reservoir, the extent of this impact would be noticed soon and would have significant consequences for groundwater which already suffers from severe depletion.

The EQA underscored that the siege exacerbated unemployment which hit 65 percent of the labor force and led 85 percent of Gaza people to live below the poverty line, adding that this leads people to disregard any environmental considerations and make their only priority to earn their living.