• February 2, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

ERC’s Maha Azzam Urges Egyptians to Reject Al-Sisi’s Incitement to Civil Strife

ERC’s Maha Azzam Urges Egyptians to Reject Al-Sisi’s Incitement to Civil Strife

The military dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s  speech indicates fear, not only of the Egyptian people, but also of his army. It is clear that his policies have failed in Egypt as a whole, and in the Sinai in particular.

His words, inciting the people of Egypt (to kill fellow Egyptians), and the lies he is spreading, stem from his utter despair, and are intended as a cover for his political, security and economic mistakes and failures. The extent of his errors are causing even his supporters in the international community to see him as an increasing liability.

Al-Sisi sought to improve the morale of the armed forces (by establishing a specialized military command for the Sinai) and to reassure them that his coup will not fail, claiming that his mission is to fight terrorism. He has dragged the army into the Sinai, which is draining its strength and morale at a time when the military is also forced to quell the people’s Revolution, all based on a an erroneous concept of security.

The new military unit will not solve the Sinai problem. What more can security measures achieve  after Al-Sisi’s scorched-earth policy there? He has demolished thousands of homes and forcibly displaced more than ten thousand people, killing many innocent citizens.

It is clear that Egypt does not need more heavy handed security. The people of Egypt need freedoms, rights and development. 

Why insist on the failed policies that strain the capacity and harm  the reputation of the army in the Sinai and all the governorates of Egypt? The Egyptian people are wondering how long will the honorable in our military remain silent?

Egypt’s military dictator is responsible for killing our sons and daughters on the streets and squares of Egypt and in the Sinai. He is responsible for the lack of economic growth in the country. His regime encourages corruption, which hurts growth; and his government is floundering economically; and his policies are creating an atmosphere of instability that could scare foreign investment from flowing into Egypt.

While Al-Sisi incites the Egyptians against each other and seeks further bloodshed and division, we call on our people  to reject his lies and his calls for division and strife, and to close ranks and unite to get rid of this man, who represents an imminent threat to the security and unity of Egypt.

Dr. Maha Azzam

Chairperson of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council