• February 26, 2016
  • 7 minutes read

ERC Slams US House Judiciary Committee Bill Labeling Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist

ERC Slams US House Judiciary Committee Bill Labeling Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist

 The Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) followed with great interest the recommendation of the US House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. The Brotherhood is a key component of the Egyptian people, and has been the mainstay of the revolutionary movement since the beginning of the January 25, 2011 Revolution. The ERC, therefore, stresses the following important facts:

First: The 2012 elections, which impressed the whole world – including the US – as free, fair and democratic, with the participation of more than 25 million Egyptian voters, brought-in the first civilian president in Egypt’s history: President Mohamed Morsi, who is now held hostage by junta authorities, and who also is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Thus, labelling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization is not only insulting to the Muslim Brotherhood, but to the Egyptian people, who chose, with their own free will, a President from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Second: In another free and fair democratic ballot, the parliamentary elections, the Freedom and Justice Party – the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood – won parliamentary majority. Meanwhile, Dr Saad Katatni, another member of the Muslim Brotherhood, was elected as Speaker of the Egyptian parliament. Therefore, demonizing the Muslim Brotherhood and trying to designate it as a terrorist group is in fact an insult to the Egyptian people by way of punishment for choosing democracy.

Third: US human rights organizations known in the US for their impartiality and integrity talked of the extreme persecution and the horrific crimes committed by the junta and its illegitimate appointed regime against the people of Egypt and especially the Muslim Brotherhood since the July 3, 2013 coup.

Those brutal crimes by the coup regime against all opponents took many forms, from extrajudicial killings to enforced disappearances and violence against women and children, to the many heinous crimes committed by the fascist regime against the Muslim Brotherhood – its members and supporters. Absurdly, the US official position was reflected in the normalization of relations with the fascist military regime that ruled by sheer force after the July 3 coup, and providing the Generals with military and financial aid and sophisticated weapons.

Fourth: Helping the despots deepen the injustice and oppression and escalate the brutal repression and excessive use of force and violence against 100 million citizens, normalizing the relationship with the putschist criminal, and calling the victims terrorists, is undoubtedly something that may have consequences to deepen the Egyptian people’s feelings of hatred towards countries that support the fascist regime in Egypt, especially the US and Western Europe.

Fifth: Such absurd US bills, recommendations, positions and decisions make Egyptian rational voices fade little by little, since they no longer have the space to spread the message of hope in the hearts of young enthusiastic Egyptians out looking for a better future to replace the painful reality they live. The situation can turn into a civil war with direct painful results in the form of more terrorism, extremism and instability in the region.

Sixth: US interests members of the Congress Judicial Committee seek to protect are thus exposed to the risks of a reckless gamble as a result of such attitudes of hostility towards the people of Egypt and their representatives, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

Seventh: In their legitimate struggle for their freedom and their inherent right to choose their leader, the Egyptian people are not hostile to anyone and do not harbor any hatred for anyone. However, they just wonder how countries that fervently preach democracy and human rights, supply the people’s executioners with money and weapons with which to kill them and their children every day. Those countries maintain this fascist regime so it would not be held accountable for its crimes against the Egyptians.

The Egyptian people are not asking too much. They simply want freedom, social justice, human dignity and respect for their democratic choices.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which some are trying to designate as terrorists, won the first five elections after the January 2011 Revolution, including Egypt’s President, the Speaker of Parliament, ministers and parliamentary majority; and formed the government. Now, of its members more than ten thousand have been killed, fifty thousand jailed, sixty-eight thousand injured, and tens of thousands hounded inside and outside Egypt.

The Revolution will go on until the restoration of democracy and the overthrow of the coup regime and military rule.
Egyptian Revolutionary Council