• May 9, 2015
  • 3 minutes read

ERC Statement Regarding Al-Bisarta Massacre

ERC Statement Regarding Al-Bisarta Massacre

Yet another crime is being committed by the coup forces in Al-Bisarta village of Damietta, illegally killing five of the village’s youth in cold blood, and arresting 13 girls. The coup forces broke into dozens of homes, vandalizing and stealing its contents, in an attempt to intimidate the Egyptian revolutionaries.

The ERC expresses deep condolences to the martyrs’ families and holds the coup authorities responsible for this crime. The coup authorities will be brought to justice starting from the coup leader, Abdul-Fattah El-Sisi, his Minister of Interior and Damietta Police Chief and all of the coup authority’s representatives. The ERC condemns the international communities’ silence towards the coup’s crimes against the Egyptian people. The ERC calls on the free people and governments of the world to stand up  against these atrocities that force many to either irresponsible reactions or to migrate from the country

The ERC demands the immediate release of the 13 girls that have been unjustly detained and deported to Port-Said Prison.

The ERC emphasises that these crimes are not forgotten or ignored as time passes by and that they will not be left unaccountable. The ERC calls on the revolutionaries of Damietta and other provinces and the villages to rise up and express solidarity with Al-Bisarta village and other villages where the military coup authorities have wreaked havoc and frightened its people to stop them from continuing the revolution. On the contrary, every single drop of blood  that is shed only adds to the revolutionaries’ determination.

It is now our duty to rise up and protect our rights and honour, and the rights and honour of our girls’ , those who have been kidnapped in the coup’s prisons.

To the Egyptian revolutionaries in all regions of Egypt. To all those oppressed by the coup authority. To all those whose economic conditions have been adversely affected by the coup. It is time that we all rise up to bring down this brutal coup. It is time that we bring before justice all the killers and traitors who betrayed this country.

Victory to the revolution, and punishment to the killers

We will continue on the path of the revolution until victory.