• April 20, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

ERC Warns Coup Authorities Against Consequences of Politicized Judiciary

ERC Warns Coup Authorities Against Consequences of Politicized Judiciary

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council warns the coup authorities in Egypt from the consequences of its politicised judiciary issuing any further unjust sentences against the revolutionaries including most prominently Egypt’s first freely elected President, Dr Mohamed Morsi. Further, the Council is placing full responsibility on the coup authorities for the dangerous and probable consequences that may result from the continuation of handing down these politicised and unjust sentences .

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council affirms that all procedures that led to the kidnapping of the elected President by the leader of the coup d’état, Abdul Fattah El-Sisi, on July 3rd 2013 is null and void, and likewise all legal proceedings that resulted from that act of kidnap. These, in fact, represent no more than a crude attempt at thuggish blackmail that attempted to force the elected President to abandon the legitimacy of his office, which he has resisted because of the value he places upon the trust placed upon him by the people in participating in Egypt’s first and only free election in modern history to achieve the aims of the January 25th revolution.

Dr Maha Azzam, Head of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council said in a statement issued today, that the ERC has been addressing several foreign governments, parliaments and media to warn them of the dire consequences of the continued issuance of execution verdicts against hundreds of innocent civilians who oppose the military regime in trials that lack due process or transparency.

She added that the ERC and other revolutionary organisations that represent the revolution continue to uphold peaceful non violent protest, but she also warned that the regime’s policy of torture, rape, arbitrary arrest and a judicial system that so clearly lacks any semblance of a just process might push some of those who were tortured or raped to resort to extracting their own justice from those who assaulted them.

She went on, “We are warning of the consequences of the actions of the military regime and the absence of basic justice. We call upon the International Community to bear witness and take up its moral responsibility in responding to the deteriorating Human Rights condition in Egypt under the military coup authorities before the situation in Egypt reaches boiling point which will cause harm to all parties, but especially to those who still want to see liberty and human rights triumph in the region”.

She added, “The credibility of the International Community is now at stake in Egypt. If this credibility were to dissipate due to the continuation of the brutal policies of the regime, then all parties, regional and international, will end up as losers in the end, and this moral inaction will be regretted when it would become far too late to rectify”.