Erdogan: Hamas is a resistance movement

Erdogan: Hamas is a resistance movement

KONYA, — Turkish premier Recep Erdogan has described Hamas as a resistance movement that was elected by the Palestinian people to rule them.

Erdogan in a speech in Konya on Friday said that Hamas was defending its land and is not a “terrorist movement”, adding that Hamas, as an elected faction, should be given the chance to rule after winning the legislative elections.

He renewed assertion that the fate of Turkey and Palestine was inseparable, adding that Ankara would not give a blind eye to the massacre committed by Israel against the Freedom Flotilla.

The premier expressed dismay at the fact that certain countries were still backing Israel that used phosphorus bombs against the children in Gaza.

Erdogan reiterated that Israel was not in conflict with Turkey alone but rather with all 33 countries whose nationals joined the Freedom Flotilla and were attacked by Israeli forces at international waters.