• June 2, 2010

Erdogan affirms continued support for Gaza in telephone contact with Haneyya

Erdogan affirms continued support for Gaza in telephone contact with Haneyya

GAZA, — Turkish premier Recep Erdogan has affirmed his country’s continued support for the Palestinian people and government in Gaza Strip “regardless of the price”.

The statement came in a telephone contact made by Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya with his Turkish counterpart on Tuesday evening during which he conveyed condolences on behalf of the Palestinian people and government for the victims of the Israeli brutal attack on the Freedom Flotilla convoy heading to Gaza.

Haneyya expressed appreciation for Erdogan’s speech especially when he mentioned his commitment for supporting the Palestine cause and his call for an immediate end to the Israeli siege on Gaza.

The Palestinian premier said that ending the siege should be a natural result in response to the Zionist criminality.

For his part, Erdogan expressed full solidarity with Gaza, pointing out that more than 33 countries were taking part in the Flotilla which meant that Israel was not facing Turkey alone but the entire world.

The Turkish premier stressed, “We will continue to support you even if we remained alone”.

Haneyya had reached a number of Arab leaders over the telephone on Tuesday during which he briefed them on the Israeli violent takeover of the Flotilla that resulted in many deaths and injuries.

He affirmed that firm positions should be taken against Israel at international platforms.

He appreciated the participation of Kuwaiti solidarity activists in the Flotilla during a telephone contact with the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed.

Haneyya also phoned Arab Knesset member Hanin Al-Zoabi, who also participated in the Flotilla, and inquired about the health of Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic movement in 1948 occupied land, in a similar phone conversation with his deputy Sheikh Kamal Al-Khatib.