Erian: FJP Seeks to Rebuild Egypt’s Democratic Institutions

Erian: FJP Seeks to Rebuild Egypt’s Democratic Institutions

Dr. Essam El-Erian, Vice-Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), affirmed that approval of Egypt’s new Constitution, by 63.8%, is one of the world’s highest rates, adding that this means Egyptians have broken world records for national charter approval.

Accordingly, Erian rejected claims by certain parties charging that this rate of approval does not reflect a societal consensus, pointing out that approval of most world constitutions did not exceed 60%.

Erian further pointed that political stability, after the referendum, depends on awareness and perception of political parties and their dealings with the scene, "There are political options open for those who reject the results of the referendum.

"They may work against stability in democratic ways or using violence and criminal chaos and vandalism rejected by Egyptians."

Erian also rejected rumors circulated about consensus deals and distribution of government posts. He said, "These words have been used so often, yet in fact they make no sense. Right now, we are rebuilding democratic institutions. No-one should imagine that we are out to gain political or economic benefits to be distributed to participants in the revolution".