Erian: Spirit of Revolution Still Burning in Egyptians’ Hearts

Erian: Spirit of Revolution Still Burning in Egyptians’ Hearts

Dr. Essam El-Erian, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee at the People’s Assembly and Vice Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said that the response of the Egyptian people to the absurdly lenient verdicts yesterday – in all governorates across Egypt, from Alexandria to Aswan – proves that the spirit of the revolution is still alive and will not die out, and that the people want success for the revolution, and will not be stopped by any government or political bodies that may work diligently to pre-empt the revolution. He pointed that the ‘hidden hands’ are now known and their fingers are stained red.

Dr. Erian, in his speech to the parliament, at noon today, Sunday June 3, added that in the last few days, desperate attempts were made by various authorities, from the highest office of the state to the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Information – who tried to convince lawmakers of the urgent need for special laws, to maintain the notorious state of emergency or to adopt special laws to keep people under emergency law. However, the People’s Assembly and its Speaker rejected all those attempts.

“Attempts to restore the old system will not stop even after the presidential election. But the Egyptian people will not allow it. The state of emergency will not return again, except in very special cases, such as wars and epidemics, for a specified period only, and under a new constitution.

“Egypt’s new constitution will be written soon. There will be re-trials that deliver justice. We will achieve the objectives of the revolution in full: free and dignified life, free elections and social justice.”

Dr. Erian mentioned that parliament received reports of many cases of soft and not so-soft fraud and manipulation of the electorate, in the presidential election. He assured that all fraudulent endeavors were doomed to failure, and that ultimately the voice of the people will be heard.

In conclusion, Dr. Erian said: "We will not turn back. Indeed, there is no turning back time. We will sacrifice more of our blood to live with dignity".