• May 2, 2013

Erian: Brotherhood and FJP Still Most Ardent Seekers of Cooperation, Dialogue with All Parties

Erian: Brotherhood and FJP Still Most Ardent Seekers of Cooperation, Dialogue with All Parties

In a message on his Facebook page, Dr. Essam El-Erian, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Vice-Chairman, said: "The Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP are still the most determined, among all political, national parties and stakeholders, to build bridges of cooperation and dialogue with all groups, movements, currents and parties.

This came hours after Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, founder of the so-called National Salvation Front, called for political consensus as a means of achieving economic recovery.

"The Muslim Brotherhood held a series of dialogue sessions or conferences under the title ‘Dialogue for Egypt’ over long months before and after the revolution. These sessions were attended by the elite, especially after the revolution. The Brotherhood participated in all forms of cooperation activities since the eighties of the last century, with high-level representation, for the sake of serious democratic reforms."

Erian went on, saying: "After his election, President Mohamed Morsi met with all symbols and representatives of Egypt’s political parties at Itehadia presidential palace, and listened to what they had to say, showing extreme patience as some of them dealt harsh criticism. FJP Chairman Katatni and other FJP leaders had continuous contact with all political parties and the elite, and still do, to this day, for consultation and exchange of opinions and advices.

"Economic reform is a basic Egyptian demand, not the result of any foreign pressure or linked to any international institutions. The IMF loan is a seal of approval, a vote of confidence that Egypt’s economy will soon recover. But it is not a condition for such recovery. Egypt and its leadership will not accept any political preconditions. The President, political parties and national forces should not allow any international or foreign parties to interfere in issues that arise among them."

Dr. Erian added, "Egypt will rise, forge forward and progress. It will choose with its free will its House of Representatives, which will give the Government a vote of confidence, or form a new government, as the case may be. Egypt will witness genuine reforms, a real renaissance and significant progress, with the hard work and endeavors of Egypt’s workers, men and women, Muslims and Christians, young and old, in farms and fields, in factories and companies, in all fields and walks of life."