Erian: Rebellion Against Democracy Will Not Disrupt Institution-Building Endeavors

Erian: Rebellion Against Democracy Will Not Disrupt Institution-Building Endeavors

In a press statement, Dr. Essam El-Erian, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Vice-Chairman, said that in the history of modern Egypt, June 30 represents the end of the conflict between two wills.

"The first ‘will’ seeks stability safeguarded by the Constitution, and endeavors to rebuild the institutions of the modern Egyptian state – a constitutional democratic civil state based on Islamic law that guarantees equal rights for all Egyptians – Muslims and Christians, men and women, young and old.

"The second ‘will’ is that of the old regime, of corrupt elitist tyrants who monopolized power, marginalized the people and flouted their will with forged elections, stole the people’s wealth, and corrupted media, intellectual, cultural, political and economic elites, viciously chasing away the Islamic alternative, throwing its men in prisons and keeping them away from any positions of power or influence."

Dr. Erian further said, "The will of the people triumphed, despite all the hurricanes and storms it faced. That will culminated in electing the first president from the ranks of the isolated and marginalized Islamists who sacrificed so much and persevered for long. Then, the army respected the will of the people. The elite, especially deep state officials still in power, did their worst to disrupt the march of democratic transformation.

"They deliberately disbanded the first People’s Assembly (lower house of parliament) elected by the free will of the people in the country’s first credible elections ever. Then, they plotted to disband the Shura Council (upper house) and the Constituent Assembly to prevent the issuance of Egypt’s postrevolution Constitution. When the Constitutional Declaration was then issued to prevent their heinous coup against democracy, they were ferocious and desperate, they fell into an alliance of extremes… and failed."

He pointed that, "In their current coup attempt, they rebel against the will of the people, just as they claim to represent all Egyptians. Nevertheless, the people announced they can protect their free will.

"Everyone must commit to the peacefulness of demonstrations and endeavor to prevent violence and vandalism. Everyone must rely on the polls in forthcoming parliamentary elections, which no-one will be able to halt.

"The opposition has an opportunity to translate the ‘millions’ of supporters it has to votes in parliamentary elections, thus forcing the President – in a constitutional way – to accept a referendum for his resignation… in compliance with the country’s Constitution and not by simply massing people in violent demonstrations, thuggery or shedding the precious blood of Egyptians."