Erian and Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Will Contribute to Building Modern Prosperous Egypt

Erian and Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Will Contribute to Building Modern Prosperous Egypt

 As the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) internal election race enters its last days, both Dr. Essam El-Erian, currently the party’s Vice-Chairman; and Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, the FJP Secretary-General, assure that they will serve not only the party and its members, but – first and foremost – the Egyptian people and the homeland.

Both leaders’ campaign slogans revolve around rebuilding and rejuvenation of Egypt, with Erian announcing that his campaign slogan is: "Free People – Strong Party – Good Governance"; while Katatni raised the slogan: "Strong Party … Contributing to the rejuvenation of Egypt".

Saturday October 13 witnessed two press conferences for the party’s two main candidates, at the FJP’s headquarters. In the first conference, Dr. Erian said that, "If I win party chairmanship, I will devote all my time to exercising the functions of the party chief".

Talking about the most important items in his campaign for FJP chairmanship, Erian said: "My top priorities are to re-launch the party afresh, re-activate membership, empower women and youth, and to prepare FJP cadres and experts in all fields, not only for the upcoming parliamentary elections, but for the next local elections too, and to prepare – to the highest levels – a number of senior members for governorate head posts, so they are well-prepared, should they be assigned to such positions.

"I will endeavor to complete the formation of the FJP central secretariats, and to form similar secretariats in all provinces across Egypt, including developmental secretariats specialized in all issues pertaining to agriculture, housing and mining, in order to achieve parallel development at national levels around Egypt."

Meanwhile, Dr. Katatni said, "The FJP, having gone to the polls in three hard-fought national elections in less than a year, now needs to complete its internal construction work".

Katatni pointed that he has sufficient FJP experience, and knows FJP members’ aspirations, which enables him to lead the party to greater horizons of progress and development.

If he earns the recommendation of the FJP General Assembly, Katatni pledged to assign for women and young people a more active role in the coming phase.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the status and role of women in the FJP during the last phase, adding that the party needs to build a new generation with political experience that makes it able to take responsibility in the coming phase.

Katatni further pointed that his platform reflects his vision for building a strong party, with capable leadership and cadres and a powerful program and vision, as well as effective communications with others and great ability to implement its program on the ground, so as to contribute with others to build modern Egypt and be part of the overall national movement.

Moreover, Katatni stressed that Egypt, at this critical phase of its history, needs concerted efforts to rebuild and rejuvenate the homeland and revitalize the Egyptian people, adding that all Egyptians are responsible for the rebuilding of Egypt after the revolution.

Further, Katatni pointed that the FJP would work to build bridges of trust and understanding with all political entities, "and we will show patience with those parties that do not want to cooperate now in order to build modern Egypt with us.

"The FJP will continue to win the confidence of the Egyptian people, as it did in the last elections. I must underline the importance of the upcoming local elections and that the FJP will fight those seriously in order to reach all Egyptian people and not only one faction or another."

Furthermore, Katatni stressed that the FJP is ready and willing to engage all political forces so as to agree on a reasonable electoral program that satisfies everyone.

"The FJP is ready to compromise, in this regard, in order to achieve agreement."

In conclusion, Dr. Katatni stressed that competition between him and Dr. Erian is real, assuring that it is certainly for the benefit of the party.

"This competition, however, does not impact the close personal relationship I have with Erian."