Espionage, Assassination, War Crimes and Israel – WikiLeaks

Espionage, Assassination, War Crimes and Israel – WikiLeaks

No more than two percent of documents related to Israel have been released so far and any cables that mention Israel are automatically categorized as ‘sensitive’ as well as being obviously classified.

In this atmosphere Julian Assange has stated that WikiLeaks will spill the beans on Israel. In fact, Wikileaks is soon to reveal classified information on Israel’s 2006 war on Lebanon and diplomatic files about how Mossad was involved in the assassination of Hamas militant Mahmud al-Mabhouh.


Some of Israel’s neighbors have expressed concern that until now, very few leaks have been released regarding Israel. Assange, however, has asserted that WikiLeaks has 3,700 documents from the United States on Israel, including 2,700 originating from the Jewish state. He also denied that the website had agreed to withhold the release of these documents and that they will soon see the light of day.


Assange also admitted that so far only a few documents related to Israel have been published because newspapers in the West were hesitant to publish sensitive information about Israel.

The Guardian and other outlets have only published a very small amount of files related to Israel due to the
sensitive relations between Germany, France and Israel. Also, The New York Times could not publish more due to the sensitivities related to the
Jewish community in the United States.


Releasing the truth, especially to Wikileaks, is beginning to be seen as a crime and the United State’s response to the ongoing leaks, and those who pass information on to Wikileaks, is now being marked by mistreatment in custody that amounts to torture, an indication of the serious nature of the information being leaked and its possible consequences on the countries involved.