Essam El-Erian Says Vote Rigging in Local Elections Exacerbated Slum Crises

Essam El-Erian Says Vote Rigging in Local Elections Exacerbated Slum Crises

Muslim Brotherhood Political Bureau Chairman Dr. Esam Al Erian said in a Comment to Ikhwanweb that the humanitarian catastrophe in Al-Doweeqa slum area is due to the large-scale vote rigging in local elections.

The government’s indifference and negligence towards Al-Doweeqa rockslide disaster is the direct result of the overwhelming corruption in local councils, he said.

“Fair local elections means strengthening control and reducing corruption,” El-Erian told Ikhwanweb. “There must be an integrated system fighting corruption, but it needs cooperation between the government, society and civil society organizations.”

The Egyptian Organization for Supporting Democratic Development and the Egyptian Center for Development and Democratic Studies, revealed –after sending fact-finding committee to the shantytown Al-Doweeqa- that there are cases of nepotism in allocating housing camps for those affected from Al-Doweeqa crisis.


Rights institutions demanded rapid intervention by the concerned authorities for the provision of housing accommodation to all bereaved families, providing all possibilities to rescue victims from under rockslides, providing adequate housing for homeowners and still threatened families in this district, above and under the collapsed plateau.

They also demanded activating the roles of local councils in making control and solving problems at Al-Doweeqa neighborhood, elimination of slums in Egypt, to reduce such disasters, because these regions are important tools for crime and terror incubation. They are also spreading phenomena such as, “child labor, drugs and lack of health and cultural awareness.”

They added that they have to empty Ezbet Bekheet and surrounding areas, under Al Muqattam rocks to prevent further catastrophes, to pay compensations to the distressed and families of the deceased from the impact of the disaster, and to detect cracks and faults inside the mountain that have arisen due to wastewater leak, and using latest technologies satellites and radars after removing slums from Al Muqattam.