Essence of Muslim Brotherhood in specific words

Essence of Muslim Brotherhood in specific words

Dear Brothers: You are not a charity, nor a political party, nor an organization for limited purposes. Rather, you are a new spirit that runs in the heart of this nation, reviving it with the Qur’an. You’re a new light that rises, dispelling the darkness of materialism with the knowledge of Allah, and an echoing voice, repeating the call of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). It’s absolutely right that you should feel like you’re carrying this burden after everyone else has abandoned it. So, if asked ‘What are you calling for?’ Say, ‘We call for the Islam brought by the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), where governance is a part of it, and freedom is one of its obligations.’ If it’s said, ‘This is politics!’ say, ‘This is Islam, and we don’t know these divisions.’ And if told, ‘You are advocates for rebellion,’ say, ‘We are advocates for truth and peace, which we believe in and cherish. If you go against us and stand in the way of our mission, then Allah has allowed us to defend ourselves, and you would be the unjust rebels.’ 

And if it’s said to you that: ‘You rely on individuals and organizations!’, say: “We believe in Allah alone and reject what we were associating anyone with Him.” (Qur’an 40:84)

If they persist in their aggression, say, ‘Peace be upon you, we do not seek the ignorant.’” (Qur’an 7:199)

“Dear Brothers:

Believe in Allah, take pride in knowing Him, rely on Him, and lean on Him. Do not fear or be intimidated by anything else. Fulfill His obligations and avoid His prohibitions. Cultivate virtues and adhere to striving for  perfection. Be strong in your morals, take pride in the dignity that Allah has granted to the believers and the honour of the righteous. 

Engage with the Qur’an by studying it, and the purified life of the Prophet by reflecting upon it. Be practical, not argumentative. When Allah guides a people, He inspires them to act. No people have been misguided after being guided unless they were given to argumentation. 

Love each other, and be very keen on your unity as it’s the secret of your strength and the pillar of your success. Persist until Allah opens the path of truth between you and your people. He is the best opener. Listen and obey your leadership in ease and hardship, in what you like and dislike, for it symbolizes your thought and is the link of communication between you. Then, look forward to Allah’s support and aid. The occasion is surely coming when believers will rejoice with Allah ’s victory, “He helps whom He wills, and He is the Mighty, the Merciful” (Qur’an 30:5).

May Allah guide us and you to what He loves and approves, and lead us and you on the paths of the guided scholars. May He give us a life of honoured and happy people, and let us die in the way of the martyrs. He is the best guardian and the best helper.