EU cyclists for peace visit Palestinian refugee camp in WB, vow support for Palestine

A delegation from the European “The Peace Cycle” have visited Tuesday the Palestinian refugee camp of Balata in the West Bank city of Nablus as part of a plan to visit more Palestinian cities in the area.

Palestinian officials including member of the Palestinian National Council (PLO’s parliament in exile), Tayseer Nasrallah, and Sabri Tokan of the popular committee for services in the camp among others were in reception of the delegation, and briefed it on the miserable situation of the Palestinian refugees under the continued Israeli occupation of the Palestinian lands.

The delegation, for its part, affirmed that the issue of the refugees is the key for peace and war in the region, stressing that the question must be justly resolved based on UNSC resolutions in this regard. The delegation further visited and laid a wreath on the tomb of the martyrs in the camp.

Head of the delegation Sheridan James expressed joy over their presence among the Palestinian refugees, explaining that the cyclists started their tour from London in a bid to draw the world’s attention back to the Palestinian issue and to rally the European people to support the just cause of the Palestinian people.

She further vowed that the delegation will spare no effort in relaying the real image in those refugee camps to their governments, as they pledged to be the voice of Palestine in the European communities and to champion the Palestinian people’s aspirations to achieve independence.

The delegation, furthermore, listened to detailed information on the roots of the refugees’ catastrophe as narrated by the Palestinian officials who blamed the British mandate government for allowing armed Jewish gangs into Palestine and for allowing them to occupy large areas of Palestine in 1948.