• November 11, 2006

EU MPs express “deep shock” at IOF carnage in Gaza

A group of EU parliamentarians have expressed “deep shock” over the tragic events in Beit Hanun city in northern Gaza Strip, including massacring more than 95 Palestinian citizens and wounding more than 350 others of the city’s inhabitants.

The group further urged the UN and the Quartet Committee to send an “international force to protect the Palestinian people and Israeli settlers”, adding that the latest escalation calls on all parties to hold an international conference to promote peace in the region.

Remarks of the lawmakers were made after they paid a visit to the beleaguered city where they saw for themselves the volume of the IOF troops’ murder and destruction scenes in it, rejecting Israel’s allegations that the killed Palestinians were “terrorists”. They insisted that the most of the casualties were innocent civilians.

Moreover, they called on the EU to rethink its partnership with the Hebrew state, and to impose “penalties” on it if its deliberate killing of civilians and flagrant violations of human rights didn’t stop.

In the same context, the parliamentarians encouraged the two main Palestinian factions in the Palestinian arena namely Hamas and Fatah to intensify efforts towards the formation of a unity government.

Nejad condemns the IOF massacres:
For his part, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad condemned the IOF troops’ carnage in Beit Hanun, warning that IOF massacres against the unarmed Palestinian people were wounding feelings of Muslims worldwide and harming relations of the Muslim world with EU countries.

Nejad’s remarks were conveyed to his Finnish counterpart Tarja Halonen in a telephone conversation with her.

The Iranian president asserted that the EU could play a better role in the Middle East crises, especially with Finland presiding over the Union in its current period.

Halonen, for her part, condemned the massacre, stressing that IOF aggressions on the Palestinian people must stop, underlining that the EU was very much concerned with ending the conflict in the region, and establishing a viable and independent Palestinian state.

More spots in the world, including the Netherlands, Turkey Cyprus, Vienna, Syria, and the 1948-occupied Palestinian city of Nazareth among other places witnessed massive demonstrations in condemnation of the IOF troops’ brutal aggressions and massacres against Palestinian children and women, especially the Beit Hanun massacre.

But in Amman, the Jordanian authorities refused a request signed by 14 political parties in Jordan to organize demonstrations in deprecation of the ugly massacre.

A statement issued by the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan condemned the massacre, and urged the government to sever its diplomatic ties with the Hebrew state.

In Morocco, coordinator of the National Action Group Khaled Al-Sufiani accused the Israeli occupation government of attempting to compensate its defeat in Lebanon at the hands of Hizbullah fighters at the expense of the unarmed Palestinian civilians.

The Group held massive demonstrations in the capital Rabat where thousands of Moroccans participated in condemnation of the carnage.