European campaign: Impose penalties on Israel to lift the Gaza siege

European campaign: Impose penalties on Israel to lift the Gaza siege

The European campaign to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip has expressed surprise at the world community’s powerlessness towards the oppressive Israeli siege on Gaza.

Anwar Al-Gharbi, a founding member of the European campaign and head of the Swiss rights for all society, said in a press release on Saturday that it was no longer acceptable for the world to merely condemn the three-year-old siege.

It is not reasonable that the world could not end that criminal siege on one and a half million Palestinians that is daily reaping more victims, he elaborated.

The continuation of that siege is a blatant violation of international doctrines and a shame on the signatories to the human rights agreements that protect lives of civilians even at times of war, Gharbi charged.

He urged the UN and the world community to impose real penalties on Israel to force it to end the siege, warning that any further delay in such a call would mean actual participation in the war of genocide exercised by Israel against the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian forum for rights and solidarity in the Netherlands has expressed absolute concern over the unjustified Egyptian measures against the European medical aid convoy “miles of smiles” to Gaza.

The forum in a statement on Saturday said that it was following with concern the Egyptian procrastination, noting that the convoy was stranded at sea off the Egyptian Port Said harbor for almost three weeks waiting permission to unload the medical shipment, mostly for disabled children, en route to Gaza.