European campaign: Lifeline convoy not the last

European campaign: Lifeline convoy not the last

The European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza Strip has declared that the British lifeline convoy would be followed by others until the siege is totally lifted.

Dr. Arafat Madi, the head of the campaign, said in a statement in Brussels on Tuesday that the success of the convoy in reaching Gaza after passing over 8,000 kilometers was a victory for all “living consciences” in the world.

He appealed to the official European regimes to use their influence in the Middle East to deter the Israeli massacres, aggressions, oppressive policies and inhuman practices against the Palestinian people, who have lived through long years of suffering.

In the Gaza Strip, Adel Zu”rub, the spokesman of the government committee to break the siege, warned in a press release on Tuesday that humanitarian conditions in the Strip would further deteriorate if the siege persisted.

He called for more such convoys to contribute in breaking the siege, adding that the people of Gaza were facing “slow death” as a result of the siege.

Galloway: We will deliver aid to Hanneya gov”t

For his part, Respect MP George Galloway, who arrived in Gaza at the head of the lifeline convoy, told a press conference in central Gaza city on Monday that the convoy would be delivered to the legitimate Palestinian government of premier Ismail Haneyya.

He said that Haneyya is the premier of all freedom loving peoples in the world.

The British MP said that the delegates accompanying him in the convoy have collected donations from various British cities and from Arab countries they crossed en route to Gaza.

The convoy includes 280 figures, who arrived aboard 200 trucks loaded with foodstuff, medicine, medical equipment and clothes, other than 20 ambulance vehicles and a fire fighting vehicle.

The government of Haneyya welcomed the arrival of the convoy to Gaza Strip where one and a half million Palestinians are living under siege.