European campaign: Sufficient evidence to bring Israel to international justice

European campaign: Sufficient evidence to bring Israel to international justice

The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza, one of the founding members of the Freedom Flotilla coalition, has taken initial steps to file lawsuits against the Israeli authorities for the acts of violence it committed against the international activists on board the flotilla, which left nine dead and dozens injured.

Amin Abu Rashid, a member of the European campaign, told a news briefing on Saturday, “The campaign held meetings with a team of lawyers and legal personnel to carry out immediate practical measures to prosecute responsible Israeli officials and soldiers before international courts in the Netherlands for the crimes they committed against the Freedom Flotilla in international waters.”

Abu Rashid added, “The meeting explored the possibility of prosecuting Israeli leaders before international courts,” suggesting that the prosecution could build a strong case against Israel, especially in light of what the legal team called “crimes against world peace,” “crimes against humanity,” and “criminal offenses” in light of clear violations of the organizational charters of the International Court of The Hague.

The member of the Campaign noted that Israel’s crime was against civilians on board civilian ships in international waters, and that the Israeli army carried out a military operation on vessels carrying humanitarian aid, killing and injuring dozens, being nothing less than an operation of cold-blooded murder.  He noted that there is sufficient evidence to conduct a criminal lawsuit against the perpetrators who committed this crime.

The legal team assured that its suit would be based on the fact that what Israel committed against the Freedom Flotilla would not only be prosecutable at times of peace and on unarmed vessels, but also at times of war and against armed vessels.  They said that Israeli military and political officials may be prosecuted, and noted the possibility of being tried in absentia in the event of non-compliance before the court.

Six French citizens on board the Freedom Flotilla have already filed a lawsuit in France against Israeli authorities on charges of kidnapping and unjustified detention.