European campaign: We hope more ships will arrive at Gaza

European campaign: We hope more ships will arrive at Gaza

The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza has said that the successive successes of the sea voyages to the besieged Gaza Strip called for an Arab and international effort to send more ships loaded with all Gaza needs to the Strip.

Dr. Arafat Madi, the head of the campaign, said in a statement on Sunday said that the third such voyage proved that the sea route between Gaza and the Cypriot port of Larnaca is open.

He said that solidarity activists wishing to travel to Gaza on board those trips are increasing daily including MPs, politicians, legal experts and peace activists.

Madi, who was on board the Dignity boat that anchored at Gaza on Saturday, said that his campaign was embarking on big efforts to secure Gaza”s medical needs, noting that Dignity had on board a ton of medicines and medical equipment.

Members of the third voyage are to remain in Gaza for three days and tour its various damaged utilities and infrastructure.

They visited the PLC building and conferred with their Palestinian counterparts. They expressed sympathy with the issue of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails and promised to raise their question in European parliaments.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mohammed Awad, the head of the governmental committee to break the siege, said in a press release on Sunday that the “oppressive siege” would end soon thanks to the steadfastness of the besieged citizens and their rejection of the Zionist threats and measures.

He said that the sea voyages to the Strip indicated that the end of the siege was near, noting that the freedom loving people in the world would not forsake Gaza.