European campaign: We received funding for three ships of Freedom Flotilla 2

European campaign: We received funding for three ships of Freedom Flotilla 2

BRUSSELS, — The European campaign to end siege announced Wednesday that it obtained the funding of the first three ships of the new aid convoy to the besieged Gaza Strip, which will be named “Freedom Flotilla 2.”

Head of the campaign Arafat Madi said in a statement that there are extensive calls to launch a new convoy to Gaza involving many ships and carrying on board more aid and more peace activists than the current Freedom Flotilla, which was carrying 10, 000 tons of aid and hundreds of passengers from more than 40 countries around the world.

Madi added that following the massacre committed by Israel against the civilian passengers on board the ships in international waters, Arab, Islamic, European and Western calls increased demanding the formation of a convoy larger than the one captured by Israel.

For its part, the Arab international committee for the reconstruction of Gaza said that it started to receive hundreds of requests from different people and parties around the world asking for participating in and providing support for Freedom Flotilla 2, which will sail for Gaza in the next few weeks.

The committee added that Israel’s assault on the current convoy augmented the enthusiasm of the world’s free people to help in sending more convoys to Gaza.

In another context, the European campaign to end the siege said that the Israeli side asked the Freedom Flotilla coalition to hand over a list of the aid items aboard the ships at the pretext of sorting them out, although the Israeli side has seized ships and everything on board.

The campaign warned that Israel is trying to mislead the world when declaring its intention to sort the aid, affirming that based on what the convoy carried, Israel will not let in more than 10 percent of the aid materials at the pretext they are banned materials.

It called for pressuring Israel to let in all humanitarian aid, for it is urgently needed by the Palestinians in Gaza.

For his part, head of the society for peace movement Abu Jarah Sultani said there are preparations for organizing an aid convoy by land from Algeria to Gaza.

His remarks came during a massive gathering organized by the Algerian coalition parties to follow up the developments of Israel’s military attack on Freedom Flotilla.

Sultani noted that the organizers of the convoy coordinated with the Egyptian side to facilitate its travel to Gaza.