European campaign: Delaying dispatch of aid to Gaza entails grave results

European campaign: Delaying dispatch of aid to Gaza entails grave results

The European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza has warned that any further delay in dispatching urgently needed aid to the Gaza Strip especially after the vast devastation wreaked by the Israeli war machine would entail “dire consequences”.

Dr. Arafat Madi, the head of the campaign, said in a statement in Brussels that what the Israeli “criminal war” on the Palestinians in Gaza had caused was beyond imagination. “Thus the siege on Gaza must be lifted immediately and permanently,” he stressed.

The Israeli aggression on Gaza had aggravated the suffering of one and a half million Palestinians who were already suffering from a strangling siege, Madi elaborated, noting that 6,000 wounded Palestinians in the aggression were added to the list of 2,000 patients who were deprived of receiving the minimum limit of necessary medical care.

He warned that any delay in lifting the siege and opening all crossings especially that of Rafah with Egypt would bring about serious results to life in general in Gaza.

The Egyptian authority should allow opening the Rafah border terminal for entry of fuel, foodstuff and construction material and not only medical aid and humanitarian cases, Madi said.

He added that his campaign would organize more sea voyages to break the siege on Gaza carrying relief material despite the Israeli authority”s step of blocking the ship “Spirit of Humanity” from reaching Gaza during the war.