European campaign collects medicine for besieged Gaza

European campaign collects medicine for besieged Gaza

The European campaign to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip has launched a major campaign to collect badly needed medical supplies to the besieged Strip.

Anwar Al-Gharby, a founding member of the campaign, said that the collection of medicine and medical equipment has already started early November in various areas of Switzerland, Italy and a number of other European countries.

He noted that the campaign was met with enthusiasm, and added that his campaign is expanding its operation in the few coming days.

The operation targets extending aid to one and a half million Palestinian besieged in the Strip after all crossings were shut down, Gharbi said, noting that 260 Palestinian patients in Gaza died as a result of this siege and the absence of suitable treatment in the Strip.

A list of important and urgently needed names of medicines in Gaza was distributed in order to obtain suitable quantities and send them to the Strip, he said, noting that his campaign would ask Egypt to facilitate entry of those medications via the Rafah crossing and if it refused then arrangements would be made to send them by sea.

He stressed that other campaigns would follow until the siege is completely lifted, noting that volunteers are daily working on collecting those medicines.