European campaign criticizes world slackness in dealing with Gaza siege

European campaign criticizes world slackness in dealing with Gaza siege

The European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza Strip has criticized the world community”s slackness in dealing with the “oppressive” Israeli siege on the Strip that has been ongoing for three years.


It said in a statement on Saturday that the UN and other international organizations” concern and denunciation did not change the bad situation in Gaza and did not absolve those organizations of their responsibility.


The Brussels-based campaign said that the “late” visit of Robert Serry, the UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, to the Strip on Thursday 30/40/2009 was a step in the right direction, “although it does not offer or alleviate anything of the suffering of one and a half million Palestinians unless it is followed by practical moves to end the siege”.


“It is about time to stand against this sinful crime, which has been ignored for long,” the campaign said, warning that the suffering of those besieged in Gaza is daily growing especially after the latest Israeli war on Gaza that left the Strip”s infrastructure in shambles.


The campaign, recalling that it had contacted various international and European institutions on the tragic living conditions in Gaza, said that it would contact the UN Secretary General and his representative for humanitarian affairs in addition to the chairman of the World Bank to hold them responsible for the crime being committed against the Palestinians” human rights under the very eyes of the entire world.


It finally denounced the fact that none of the Sharm El-Sheikh international conference to reconstruct Gaza, which pledged 5.4 billion dollars in aid, were implemented, pointing o the international community”s inability to pressure Israel into opening crossings to allow access for reconstruction material into the Strip.